Tuesday, October 14, 2008


all is well here at the mattingly house hold.just this week our dog katie ran away for a week and then after we deciede she was gone for good she shows back up. we have been geting in our grove finally as a family and as planters since the house is gone YEHAWWW any who we miss KY less and less and our enjoying the fall activities around us. we do miss all of our friends and hope they vist some day. LATER cmatt

Saturday, September 13, 2008


hello all it has been a busy summer for us so i apolgize for not bloggin, as most of you know i lost my mom and dad a about a year ago and all this was incompassed by us following are leading to south carolina to be apart of the journey church plant. also our house has been on the market for two yrs givin all these circumstaces and with the pull of our family needing us and we them. we question Gods calling us here to SC many times.For some reason we tought that like most people that came it would be smooth sailing we move to SC sell our house share Christ with people and live our life. we had no ideal that it was going to be thiss ruff, we have perserved by Gods grace to remain here.God has done some amazing things along the way to confirm were we belong. one after noon while driving in my truck wrestling with all the descion i needed to make. up to this point we had really been leaning on our house to sell as confrimation so the lack there of was not good,so while driving i was talking with the Lord about all this and was to the point that i really just need a gleamse of why we were here, so a basiccly said to him i don't care about the house i just need to know if you want me back in ky then give me a job offer there or some thing i just need to know, so that very night a freind of mine that i have been reaching out to here wanted to talk so we meet up and God showed up as he gave his life to Christ that night. from that God was saying there is your sign Chris, and at that point i deciede that come hell or high water i was staying what were God had me SC.Later jenny had a similar story of afirmation, so we began to make our home here from building a fence to just doing some land scaping any thing to help this Southern plantet to fell more like Ky and home. from the day that happened i tore my knee up playing softball and dealt one my moms one year lost labor day i was even told by a friend that we were not obligated to stay here a week after my encouter with jake and god i had a friend tell me about a job in Ky. so i was thinking crap here we go agian but jenny and i refused to go there no more beening tosed about by the waves i was staying. just last week my realtor called me to tell me we had someone looking hard at our house which i heard many times,later on that we they made a offer (now keep in mind it has been two long years) so tears of joy were in our heart as we gave God thanks. our closing date is going to be at the end of this month and we our extremly gratefull. now heres the cool part the people buying our house was called by a uncle from texas before they even seen our house and told them he had a dream about a house and he desribed that house to them in detail just so happen(GOD)it is our house. i can tell you one think i know with out a shadow of doubt that my place is here in Summerville SC, and we are persuing Gods glory here with a thankfull and joyfull heart

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

growing up

just some new pics over the last mth,

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Joshua has settled into being a big brother now and he is very sweet with Emma and he has been growing up so fast and saying the funniest things. Here are a few things for example.

"Emma's pity" = Emma's pretty
"Put on my poots" = put on my boots
"I'm fart", no Joshua ssssss...mart, "I'm sssss....fart" Ok then fart it is.
oh yes and "I'm horny" = I'm hungry

He's been on the naughty mat lately for not obeying mommy and daddy but he has also been making us laugh and stealing our hearts away. Here are a few pictures.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Life with 2 kids

Well last week my mom and sister were in town to help me and Chris get our week going as parents of 2 kids and it was wonderful! Of course it just makes me miss them more but our visit was great and I am looking forward to them coming again sometime. I guess we are adjusting pretty well but there are still a few bumps in the road. Joshua has decided to show some protest during bed and meal times and with the extra time given to his discipline coupled with nursing for an hour every 3 hours, my day is pretty much focused on kids. I can't drive all week and I'm already feeling couped up and it is only Monday. All this coupled with several hours less sleep--I've given Chris fair warning about my mood come Thursday (or maybe as early as tomorrow). I must give plenty of deserved plugs for Chris though because he is an awesome dad. I'm sure this doesn't come as a surprise to any of you but he always feeds Emma at least once in the middle of the night for me and both Friday and Saturday night he let me sleep all night long. Wow that was great.